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Mopar Products Now Available:Mopar Performance and Fred's Legendary Signs Join Forces to Celebrate Automotive Heritage

Mopar Performance and Fred's Legendary Signs Join Forces to Celebrate Automotive Heritage

Revving Up Nostalgia and Performance: A Historic Partnership

Clinton CT, May 1, 2023 – Mopar Performance, the performance parts and accessories division of the renowned automobile manufacturer Stellantis, and Fred's Legendary Signs, a leading name in automotive-themed vintage signage, have joined forces to create a collaboration that will undoubtedly resonate with both car enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The partnership aims to combine the expertise of Mopar Performance in enhancing vehicle performance and customization with the nostalgic appeal of Fred's Legendary Signs, known for their meticulously crafted, retro-inspired signs that pay homage to iconic car brands, models, and automotive slogans.

Bringing Nostalgia to the Fast Lane

Fred's Legendary Signs has made a name for itself by capturing the essence of automotive history through its timeless signs. From their classic design-styled  signs to vintage garage themed memorabilia, Fred's Legendary Signs has been the go-to source for those seeking period inspired signage reflected of the golden era of automobiles.

The partnership with Mopar Performance represents a unique step for Fred's Legendary Signs, extending their influence within the lifestyle product market. 

Performance and Aesthetics in Perfect Harmony

Mopar Performance, with its decades of experience in developing high-quality performance parts, is set to infuse their expertise into this partnership. From performance-enhancing exhaust systems and suspension upgrades to eye-catching exterior enhancements, Mopar has consistently stood at the forefront of aftermarket upgrades that combine style and substance.

By collaborating with Fred's Legendary Signs, Mopar Performance aims to merge their iconic brand heritage with the timeless aesthetics of Fred Legendary Signs vintage automotive themed designs. The result is expected to be a collection of Mopar branded signs and garage artwork that not only boast impressive performance but also pay tribute to the rich history of Mopar's automobile culture.

Anticipation Builds

Mopar enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of what this partnership will produce. While specific details about the upcoming collaboration remain under wraps, insiders suggest that a limited series of custom signage featuring a fusion of Mopar Performance's iconic advertising and Fred's Legendary Signs' visual flair could be in the works.

"We're thrilled to partner with Mopar Performance to create something truly special for their passionate community of enthusiasts. Our signs have always been about preserving the charm of the automotive past. Teaming up with Mopar Performance allows us to take that charm to a whole new level" said Fred Macey, Fred's Legendary Signs CEO. 

As anticipation continues to build, one thing is clear – this partnership between Mopar Performance and Fred's Legendary Signs is set to ignite a new chapter in automotive fandom culture, merging the old and the new in a way that pays homage to the past while propelling it into the future.

For more updates and information about this historic collaboration, stay tuned to the official channels of Mopar Performance and Fred's Legendary Signs.

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