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Press Release: Fred's Legendary Signs Partners with Neuclon


Hartford, CT – 1/8/2024 – Fred's Legendary Signs, the bespoke signage and decor expert for auto enthusiasts, is excited to announce a pivotal partnership with Neuclon, a leader in automation technology. This collaboration represents a significant leap forward in our approach to e-commerce, allowing us to meet the rising demand from our recent contracts with top automobile brands.

Neuclon's custom automation has revolutionized our operations, from inventory management to customer interaction. Key advances include integrated sales data management, proactive sales triggers, streamlined data consolidation, and multi-platform marketing campaigns.

Our founder and CEO, Fred Macey, says, "Neuclon's automation has not only accelerated our growth but also enriched our customer engagements, setting us apart as innovators in our field."

Seth Wiafe, Chief Operating Officer of Neuclon, adds, "Our partnership with Fred's Legendary Signs is a vivid illustration of how cutting-edge automation can propel industry leaders to new heights. We're proud to provide the technological backbone for their innovative e-commerce endeavors."

Through this initiative, we've seen a surge in sales, improved operational efficiency, personalized customer outreach, and an expanded digital footprint.


About Fred's Legendary Signs:

Founded in 2019, Fred’s Legendary Signs is a company fueled by passion for the automotive world, specializing in unique signage and garage decor for car and motorcycle aficionados. With a reputation for meticulous craftsmanship and classic design, we have cultivated a dedicated following. Embracing growth, the company is excited to enhance its product line through exclusive collaborations with iconic American automotive brands, promising a range of licensed collectibles that will redefine mancave aesthetics. These partnerships are set to craft an unprecedented fusion of Fred’s Legendary Sign’s artisanal quality with the legendary spirit of these brands.


About Neuclon Corporation

Neuclon, headquartered at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technologies (CCAT), is a cutting-edge platform transforming complex data ecosystems into comprehensible, actionable insights for companies. Their suite of intuitive software tools empowers businesses to efficiently collect and analyze data from various sources, facilitating the discovery of hidden opportunities and fostering innovation. With partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon Web Service and OpenAI, Neuclon's mission is to empower every individual within a data-driven organization to operate with greater efficiency and effectiveness, leveraging the power of the Internet-of-Things, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to drive operational excellence and growth. For more information about Neuclon, visit www.neuclon.com




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